Sunday, June 12, 2011

Truck Loads Available - Freight Mail Load Board

Ever wonder how to find truck loads before the competition does? Many truckers ask us how to find quality truckloads before the load information becomes outdated. Trucking companies have always been looking for ways to find truck load freight quickly and effectively without wasting too much time searching.

The problem with traditional load board search engines is that the loads that you search may have been posted and booked. Other problem with load boards is the time wasted searching for truck loads and the expensive fees charged by most load board services. Trucking companies are looking for ways to find truck loads fast and Fast. Some load boards charge up to $45 per month and you still need to take the time to search. helps trucking companies receive available truckloads listings by email as soon as they are posted on our system. Get the truckload information you need fast (including origin US States or Canadian Provinces, destination States/Provinces and equipment types like Van, Flatbed or Reefer trucks).

Truck Loads Available Freight Mail Load Board

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Online load boards are a great way to keep your truck wheels running on the roads. It is all about finding a place that consistently offers freight and load tailored to your schedule, with equipment and desired rates. Landstar is an online provider of loads for your truck, you can search loads online with Landstar load board along with their freights. With landstar you can search 1000s of loads on online load board 24/7 or can create customized load alerts to save your time.